Sayonara, my dear friend Rizkya Amalia…

23 Jan


Last night, I had a dream.. rarely dream. There, some of my friend called me, they said something that till now I can’t clearly remember it. At 4 am I wake up, I don’t know why.. but something is bothering me. After finished do many things, I tried to climb on my bed. About 8 am I wake.. as usual, I checked my phone n got frozen. Did I got a wrong view on my phone?? it made a nerves, a massage from my friend as in elementary HS said “Innalillahi wa’inna ilaihi rajiun, berita duka teman kita………. ” okey.. it’s getting serious, I thought it was a dream, I don’t know what’s inside me, a burn feel.. upset.. regret, whatever. At that moment my ayes still in normal, a minute moment I back to my sleep position, but…. I can’t.. turn right n left in the bed. Allright.. I have to make sure about it. I called one of my friend, it’s busy line, n called another, didn’t pick up, n another.. couldn’t reach it. Finally after some, one of them answered me, n the worst.. they confirm that bad news.

So pity I am.. She’s really gone.. even I can’t meet her yet, one of my dear friends.. she’s gone.. for sure….  That second I realized my teary eyes toke a role, it dominated my face. How come?? she’s just 17-18 yo, somehow her face floated in my mind. Also this time as my finger dancing on the keyboard.. I have these hot tears. Suddenly I miss her.. even I didn’t met her vo along time, still I have this urgent sadness.

Rizkya Amalia.. our dear friend.. sayonara….

you’re a cheerfull, kind n sweet friend, I wish you’ll b good there,

we will miss you…….

I won’t say good bye to you, cz I’m sure we’ll meet again in the next life,
see you dear.. 

::Don’t say good bye (CNBLUE)::

We LOVE you Rizkya Amalia

*please pray vo her shake there* thx



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